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Photoshop » Basics — over 11 years ago
Learn a bit more about the different image formats. Which one to choose, and for what? In this tutorial you will learn that! Focus on BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG. Quality, filesize and transperency.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 11 years ago — reviewed, not listed
The only thing you need to do for your image to become much more breathtaking, is clicking a few times. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transform your photo into something more interesting than just a photo. It'll have much deeper colors, a nice blur and some lines to freshen it up.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — over 11 years ago
Learn how to make a really nice and fast menu in css with graphics. No loadtime, great SEO quality - and it's easy! Read this tutorial and learn how to make your future-menus - this is the way!
CSS » Tips and Tricks — over 11 years ago
We all know that Internet Explorer 6 has some serious bugs - in this tutorial you will learn how to easily fix the most common bug: the "float margin bug" - this is the only good solution! You will also learn which solutions you shouldn't use!