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avatarPepper (moderator)about 10 years ago
Original Post: Slow requests

thanks... was wondering why it was lagging so much. at first thought some ads were loading it slow

avatarPepper (moderator)about 10 years ago

very nice tutorial!

avatarPepper (moderator)over 10 years ago

yeah, i don't know if its useless for css, it can be done - i don't know how easy it would be though :)

avatarPepper (moderator)over 11 years ago

maybe instead of having the Photoshop so big, if your adding other categories, where it says "Photoshop" maybe put "Categories" instead, and then under it have Photoshop in the same size as you have the "advertise" link under "Good-Tutorials". Just a though. Hope that makes sense

avatarPepper (moderator)over 11 years ago

looks good, hopefully everything works out