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Matthew Heidenreich


Joined over 12 years ago. Matthew helps out by being a moderator at Good-Tutorials.

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avatarPepper (moderator)almost 9 years ago

Tutorial is well written and detailed, but the final product could have been a bit better. Thanks for the submission!

avatarPepper (moderator)almost 9 years ago

So your telling me you never saw the psdtuts tutorial, and that it had nothing to do with your tutorial? I can understand some "similarities" in tutorials from site to site, but this one is almost completely the same (as far as results).

avatarPepper (moderator)almost 9 years ago

This tutorial was stolen from PSDTUTS


avatarPepper (moderator)almost 9 years ago
Original Post: Updating icons

yeah, 60x60, and 75x75 wouldn't be bad. I guess i was picturing it on a much larger scale. I'm sure whatever you decide will look good in the end, good luck with the updates!

avatarPepper (moderator)almost 9 years ago
Original Post: Updating icons

honestly, id be curious to see how larger thumbnails would look. It almost seems like it might be hard to do. Unless you go ahead and limit the number of tutorials on the homepage yet again. Though I wouldn't want it to be like a digg system, as that gets to be about 'how many friends' you have, rather than what content is good.

avatarPepper (moderator)almost 9 years ago
Original Post: Updating icons

great news! Hope everything runs smoothly.

avatarPepper (moderator)over 9 years ago

i wouldn't mind being apart of the mod team. I always browse the upcoming section and wonder how some of the tutorials get through. I have a pretty good idea of what a good tutorial consist of, so hit me up if you'd like :)

avatarPepper (moderator)almost 10 years ago
Original Tutorial: Modern content box

did this site get bought by someone?

avatarPepper (moderator)almost 10 years ago

following - also, how come sometimes some tutorials are on the front page for twice as long as others? Don't you think tutorials with better rankings should stay up longer then others?

avatarPepper (moderator)almost 10 years ago

thanks zach! Its been like that since the beginning of the latest launch. I just figured everyone had that problem :)