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Newest Tutorials

Illustrator » Text Effects — over 7 years ago
n this video, we’ll take a look at how to use Illustrator’s custom brush feature along with graphic styles to quickly create interesting effects. To follow along, you’ll need to have a copy of Adobe Illustrator version CS or newer and the sample file that you can download from the site.
Photoshop » Photo Retouch — over 7 years ago
Getting the basics right in images such as color and brightness settings seems simple enough but often times, the automated tools in Photoshop don't give us what we're after and without having a good understanding of color correction, fixing an image with a color cast can be more difficult than it seems. This series of short videos will explain an easy way to do it.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 7 years ago
In this video and accompanying PDF we look at how to get the variable width stroke effect we see made with the width tool in Illustrator CS5, in older versions of Illustrator where this feature isn't available. Even if you're working with CS5, this method can sometimes be an easier way to quickly create more interesting looking artwork from simple lines.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 7 years ago
The tilt-shift effect can be a fun way to add interest to photos. Typically this is done with an SLR and a special lens but in this video, we’ll look at how to “fake it” in Photoshop. You don't even need high quality images to start with. If you'd like to follow along with the video, you can download the files you see being used from the site.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 7 years ago
This is a method for creating that blurry out-of-focus background lighting in images that you see from high-end photography with your own stock images or point-and-shoot camera snapshots.
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