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avatarLumarin about 15 years ago

@Erik: A forum would be far too costly to implement, as it would REALLY drain space and bandwidth...

I suggest you add the 3d tutorials first, then web design. ~Lumarin

avatarLumarin about 15 years ago

thebestguest - Two things, there's a lot of people who don't know how to work computers too well and won't notice the difference, and you hadn't stated what was wrong, you just said a link for the top list is messed up instead of the link from the blog to the top list is messed up...

Yeah, I know, I'm being a little too specific about it, but being specific helps the administrator(s)(in this case zach..) to fix said problem faster. -.-

Like you said, no big deal. Sorry bout that. ~Lumarin

avatarLumarin about 15 years ago

@thebestguest The problem is you're trying to get to it from the blog, the link from the blog messes up with:


rather than:


Just click on the link at the left or type that(just above) into your browser. ~Lumarin

avatarLumarin about 15 years ago

Sorry for double post...too bad I can't edit my comment :(.

Maybe you could add a jump to page ___ under the page numbers where it says page 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . 1333 so that people could look for specific pages, like if someone told a friend to look at page 896(obviously the pages would change, but it would be realistic to search for something if someone told a friend and they checked later that day for some specific tutorials?) by just going to the jump to page option and putting in a page number.

Also, people would be able to skip the 300 pages they've already went through one by one, and continue reading tuts from where they left off.

Of course, the Find a Tutorial search would work better for finding a specific tutorial.

Just rambling thoughts. ~Lumarin

avatarLumarin about 15 years ago

@Tanz, You could use something like Firefox or Opera's open links in new tab automatically option if you have either of the two, I also believe IE7 has this functionality as well. If you don't want to do those, you could always make a add-on to your browser to do it for you.

Shift-clicking works as well, and depending on your browser/browser settings, it'll open in a new window or tab.

Just a few thoughts :P. ~Lumarin

avatarLumarin about 15 years ago

You're going to take over the internet at this rate Zach, started with photoshop, and now you're capturing flash and php as well? I predict your traffic will only increase as time goes on at this rate....

I've got this as my homepage as I use photoshop regularly(read: every day) just for fun and to make some very nice wallpapers(that my friends somehow just find and use on their own desktops sniff sniff) :), hope you get more of us. ~Lumarin