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Johnny Simpson


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avatarJonnyy about 12 years ago

This is stolen content: http://buildinternet.com/2009/09/automatically-highlight-admin-comments-in-wordpress/

avatarJonnyy about 12 years ago

Hello. Good-tutorials isnt for critical analysis of tutorials and such. If you want that, may I suggest deviantart.com?

You can post the tutorial here when (if) you have it done.

avatarJonnyy about 12 years ago
Original Tutorial: Steel Text Effect

i feel as though this is an over complicated way to acomplish what can be done with bevel and emboss.

avatarJonnyy about 12 years ago

Hey, this isn't really a tutorial, it's a list of tutorial. Good-tutorials is for tutorials.

avatarJonnyy about 12 years ago

403 error - you might wanna fix that.

avatarJonnyy about 12 years ago

Maybe work on the color of the final icon. Also, remember, the reason you're writing the tutorial is to help the person to learn. Help them do this by giving them tips they can apply in other places.

Finally, you may benefit more from longer tutorials rather than short tutorials on icons.

Just some tips.

avatarJonnyy about 12 years ago

I don't really understand the rating system on these tutorials. I mean, I thought the tutorial I wrote was pretty in-depth, and it taught you exactly what I said it would. I don't really see how that's one star..