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avatarJamesBlogs almost 13 years ago

Thank you, I plan to write some PHP tutorials :)

avatarJamesBlogs about 13 years ago
Original Tutorial: The Shadow effect in CSS3

Wow that really means alot to me, Thanks Jye! :)

avatarJamesBlogs over 13 years ago

Aplogies to the reviewers.

I launched my new theme for my blog and you would of gotten the offline page for a while. Site is open again. Sorry to all

avatarJamesBlogs over 13 years ago

I was just able to rate my under submission tutorial. I accediently clicked on a set of the stars. Whats that all about?

avatarJamesBlogs over 13 years ago


This tutorial was also on my other website pulsegfx.net but since that website is about to be taken down I decided to re-write it making it cleaner and using XHTML instead of HTML.


avatarJamesBlogs over 13 years ago

Sorry moderators, the link to this submission is wrong.

Although the URL should change to correct one, please can it be edited to: