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Leon Aves


Joined about 11 years ago.

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avatarFoundation Flash over 10 years ago
Original Tutorial: Game Making in AS2 - Part 2

I disagree. Each tutorial is based on a separate idea. Links are provided, and each stands on its own.

avatarFoundation Flash about 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Stylish Web 2.0 Navigation

Nice. I had a few problems, however. Firstly, when appling the gradient effect to the main shape, there needs to be two colour specifiers at 50% location in order to get the sharp change from darker to lighter green. Secondly, if the main layer is selected when warping and skewing the marquee, it will distort the main layer, so you need to have the background layer selected. Other than those points, well done - I ended up with what you had, a somewhat rareity. One last foible though, your grammar is wrong in a number of places - you are confusing it's (it is) and its (belonging to it) eg. 'Right click on it's layer' should not have the apostrophe. Contact me at foundationflash@gmail.com

avatarFoundation Flash about 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Disappearing text effect

Nice. However, I suggest you split it into optional and compulsory bits - some of the actions were not completely necessary.If you made this clear enough, your tutorial will appeal to a wider audience.