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Joined over 11 years ago.

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avatarFilm11 about 10 years ago

I must agree that moderators are still being far too harsh with the ratings, in my opinion :/

I hardly ever see any tutorial in the queue with a score above 2, so I'm not exactly sure what will please most of them.

I for one will rate a tutorial that reads well and looks good as a 5, simple as.

avatarFilm11 over 10 years ago

Welcome to the new moderators!

coolalex: you can't rate your own tutorials as far as I know, so it really isn't an issue :)

avatarFilm11 over 10 years ago

Good to see!

A small suggestion: perhaps put a small suggestion on the Submit Tutorial page to notify users, who perhaps don't read the blog, of this new feature. This may lower the number of duplicate tutorials :)

avatarFilm11 over 10 years ago
Original Tutorial: Tonk's Abstract Sig Tutorial

Er... I think a bit more explanation is needed on the C4D bit... not many Photoshop 'beginners' will know what that is and/or how to create such things with it.

avatarFilm11 over 10 years ago

Mini tutorial hosting sites?

avatarFilm11 over 10 years ago

A new site eh? Shall be interesting to see what it is... let the rampant speculation begin! www.good-communities.com?

And what's this about press? Should be exciting to see some new users flock to the site if it comes to pass!

avatarFilm11 over 10 years ago
Original Tutorial: Implosion

You must remove that mosquito ad at the side. The continuous buzzing sound makes it impossible to follow the tutorial let alone do anything in Photoshop.

avatarFilm11 almost 11 years ago

A solid 5/5 rating? Intriguing...

avatarFilm11 almost 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Draw a cartoon football

Not good at all. The effect is just a circle with a hexagon texture. You could have at least made an effort to sphereize it. Also, footballs of this type have black pentagons and white hexagons. Not black and white hexagons.

avatarFilm11 almost 11 years ago

Nobodies mentioned Paint Shop Pro tutorials yet? I know a lot of people use that as an alternative to Photoshop so it would seem wrong not to have it as a category, in my opinion.