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Newest Tutorials

PHP » Content Management Systems — about 10 years ago
Excerpt is a wordpress feature which will facilitate you to display a summary of the article on index pages automatically without requiring you to add a function readmore (more tag). However, this feature has a weakness, namely a picture in your article will not appear on index pages automatically. Lucky, start from WordPress 2.9, theme authors can easily enable Post Thumbnail
Photoshop » Web Graphics — about 10 years ago — reviewed, not listed
A couple of weeks back we went through the process of creating a search box design concept in Photoshop. The tutorial covered the process of designing our search box in photshop to an inspiratian for creating more color schemes. Now, let’s take the design to apply a complete mockup in wordpress theme.
Photoshop » Web Graphics — about 10 years ago — reviewed, not listed
In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to create a search form in photoshop, with simple and elegant design. This design will become a mockup for the search form in WordPress. There are six easy steps to complete this tutorial, and shouldn't take you any longer than 15 minutes to complete.
PHP » Site Navigation — about 10 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Sometimes we wanted to create pages in WordPress but don't want them listed in the header or footer navigation areas. For example you want to make the page "Guides for using RSS feeds," and you think this page should not be displayed on the navigation menu. You can do this by excluding pages and in this article will show you how to do it.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 10 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Threaded (nested) comments is a wordpress feature that in our opinion is must be owned on a blog, because allow your users discuss and reply to each other in up to 10 levels. But default, this feature is not enabled by wordpress. So here a quick tip how to enable this feature.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 10 years ago
Wordpress provides some images to choose as the default gravatar, this gravatar will be appear if a comment doesn’t have gravatar. Can we change these default gravatar? We want our comment section is unique and give a more personalized touch. In this tutorial we’ll take a custom image and add it as the default gravatar.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — over 10 years ago
Feature area in a theme serves a place to put the best article, breaking news or important notice for the readers. As you can see most online magazines and many high profile blogs have a featured post section.In this tutorial we will create a post that will sticky in feature post area.
JavaScript » Buttons and Navigation — over 10 years ago
Scroll to top is a button that hovers in the bottom right corner of your screen that allow users to smoothly scroll to top of page, in this tutorial we will integrate jQuerry scroll to top function in wordpress manually.
HTML » Layouts — over 10 years ago
Tutorial, how to create apple.com - like breadcrumb using images and css in wordpress.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 10 years ago
Trackbacks are the messages displayed in the comments list whenever another blog links back to one of your posts. In this tutorial we will separating trackbacks from comments and modify the comment counts to only reflect the number of comments minus trackbacks.
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