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Newest Tutorials

PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 11 years ago
WordPress provide private feature to make your post or page only visible to other editors or site admin. Once a post is set to private, regular visitor won’t be able to read the post. Now, what a about if We want to hide only a part of the post? This code snippet will show You how to do it. Read More: http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/hide-a-part-of-wordpress-post-or-page/
PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 11 years ago
WordPress provides a function that displays the category to which a post belongs: the_category(). If the post is in multiple categories, the function will list them all, linked to the respective archive page. For some reason, maybe you want to exclude one or two categories for the list. This can be achieved by hacking the_category function, or create a new code to list the category, to replace the_category.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 11 years ago — reviewed, not listed
When a contributor in a multi-user site see the post list in the admin page, he could see not only his posts, but also posts from other contributors. Even he couldn’t edit the other posts, this still could be a problem if there’s alot post already and he have to search from page to page to find his posts. How about displaying his post only? This snippet will show how to do it.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 11 years ago
The comment live preview feature helps the comment writer to see what they are writing in the comment form as they write. This feature works well to help prevent errors in spelling and grammar by giving the user a chance to see what they are writing before they post their comment. This simple tutorial will help You add the feature to your wp sites. Read more : http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-add-live-comment-preview-to-comment-textarea-without-plugin/
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — about 11 years ago
In todays tutorial, we’ll learn how to preload the images with jquery. With this feature your site can enhancing user exprience.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 11 years ago
To help site visitor finding one or two categories, We can use default widget or wp_list_categories to list the categories. In some case, We want to display the categories along with their posts. Unfortunately, this default widget and function can’t perform that. But this snippet can. Read more : http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-list-categories-along-with-their-posts/
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 11 years ago
Usually, WordPress theme developer already provide a tooltip for post title. This tooltip appears when visitor hover the mouse over a post title in the home page or archive page or any page with linked post title. This tutorial, a very easy tutorial, will help you add a fancy jQuery tooltip for your WordPress post title, replacing the default one. read more: http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-create-fancy-jquerytooltip-for-your-wordpress-post-title/
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 11 years ago
Grouping articles in specific criteria, like category, date or alphabet, could always help visitors to quickly find one or two posts. In my previous tutorial, I’ve shared a code snippet to group posts aphabetically. This time, I’ll share the code to group posts by their author. Read More : http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-group-articles-or-posts-by-author/
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 11 years ago
Hooks are very useful in WordPress. They allow you to “hook” custom functions to an existing function, and allow you to modify WordPress’ functionality without editing the core files. This article shows simple usage of WordPress hook. The hook we are using here is post_publish, to restrict a specific word from post title You can read for more : http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-restrict-a-specific-word-from-post-title/
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 11 years ago
In this tutorial, we will learn how to add manually social media count widget button on wordpress site. Yes, there are plenty of social button plugin available for WordPress, but for reasons of optimization we must minimize the use of plugin also why install a plugin when you can do it with few lines of code.
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