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PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 9 years ago
After Engadget redesigned their website a few weeks ago, I noticed how their sidebar contained some unique methods of displaying posts. A nice featured posts section, a fancy calendar and an awesome most commented, digg and twitter section. Using the amount of comments to determine the width and having each post a different color to produce a rainbow, I thought was an awesome idea. So I had a go at making the most commented section for CreativityDen. It turned out pretty well, so I decided to sh
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — almost 9 years ago
Grid-based layout is probably the more preferred way to style up a webpage to give it more magazine-like look and feel. This tutorial is about how to use CSS and Javascript to create a fluid grid-based layout (See demo here). The algorithm/procedure used in this tutorial is very simple and straightforward. There are more advanced algorithms out there which can handle multiple scenarios. But the purpose is to understand the basic logic on how to create such layout. So here it goes…