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Joined over 12 years ago.

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avatarCelox over 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Metal Plate Texture

Well the final steps are just fine tuning the metal, from step 9 to 10 I make the metal a little darker which makes the metal look more realistic. After this tweak the blood got to dark so I made a tweak for the blood (step 11) on the end there.

avatarCelox almost 12 years ago
Original Tutorial: Metal Strip Header Design

Of course you get haters when you over bad-mouth other tutorials :)

avatarCelox almost 12 years ago

That's another way to do it indeed. But if you press Ctrl+L it applies to the image and you can't adjust the levels later. Ofcourse you can go step(s) back but I rather use a Levels adjustment layer, this will give you the option to adjust the levels or any other adjustment layer for that matter.

avatarCelox almost 12 years ago
Original Tutorial: Paint a dead tree on rocks

This tutorial isn't from IdigitalEmotion, it's actually from daniel.dp-world.net. And yes I have permission from Daniel to re-publish his tutorials.