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PHP » Basics — almost 2 years ago — awaiting moderation
IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. An IDE is a software application used by programmers for code development and debugging. It increases programmer productivity. Explore more on Findnerd.
JavaScript » Basics — almost 2 years ago — awaiting moderation
 JS frameworks are considered as the skeletal framework of the single page web application development and offer amazing support to the plain JavaScript and the HTML.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — about 2 years ago — awaiting moderation
Magento is one of the most widely used CMS for building ecommerce website. The CMS offers a number of highly useful tools that allow businesses to build responsive and optimised sites that drive in traffic and retain users
HTML » Basics — over 2 years ago — awaiting moderation
Some important tips that would help the web designer to improve their website speed. As many of us have visited various Online Shopping website and many of them take much time to load which losses the users interest, so to overcome this the web designers must work over the website speed because creating a good layout and content is not enough. Read more at FindNerd.
CSS » Effects — over 2 years ago — awaiting moderation
Scrolling Effects will be easy now by using the parallax site, that will able to scroll the two section smoothly between the two content div. We can used three div for setting the different images in the background. While the caption heading for displaying the heading, user can use the text to it that will be float with their scroll. This effects add beauty to the content of the div. Read more at FindNerd.
Ruby » Libraries — over 2 years ago — awaiting moderation
JWT's full form is JSON Web Token. It is based on the concept that, it encrypts the authentication information into a compact JSON object, instead of passing the unique token of the user, which was required to be stored in the DB. With API becoming so popular these days thanks to SPA base applications, it was also required to keep these APIs secure. Read more at Findnerd.
JavaScript » Basics — almost 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
Today, most web developers prefer embedding a Google Map on their website. This adds to the convenience of customers. If they like the product or services, they may wish to contact the person personally, or even visit them. Google Map would help the customers to locate the provider faster and accurately. Read more at Findnerd.
JavaScript » Basics — almost 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
Hamburger menu is just a symbol which is consists of three parallel horizontal lines and used as similar to button in graphical user interfaces. It displays at top left or top right. Read more at Findnerd.
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