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Newest Tutorials

PHP » File Manipulation — over 11 years ago
PHP follows almost same way of writing and manipulating files as in standard C. That is why it becomes so easy for a developer with C lanaguage background to create php application that uses files to save and retrieve data. It is a short tutoril that will get you started with writng and manipulating text files.
PHP » File Manipulation — over 11 years ago — reviewed, not listed
There is a traditional way of uploading files in php usually developers use, that is, use functions is_uploaded_file() and move_uplaoded_file(). These functions my create problems sometimes. function move_uplaoded_file() sometimes does not let you move file to a specific folder, may be becuase your account does not have permission to move a temporary file to some folder in your account. I encountered same problem when my client reported me that he has ful permissions to write a file anywhere in
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