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JavaScript » Advanced Topics — about 13 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Alfresco Developer Guide walks you through the customizations made as part of an enterprise-wide rollout of Alfresco; from custom actions to RESTful web scripts and everything in between. It will help you learn to set up your development environment using Eclipse, Apache Ant, and MySQL and extend Alfresco's content model with business-specific metadata. It will also help you learn also learn how Optaros built DoCASU, a slimmed down web client for casual users built entirely on the Ext JS toolkit
Java » JSP and Servlets — about 13 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Alfresco Developer Guide helps customize Alfresco with actions, web scripts, web forms, workflows, and more. Alfresco is an open source platform for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. ECM includes things like Document Management, Web Content Management, Collaboration/Enterprise 2.0, Digital Asset Management, Records Management, and Imaging. At its core is a repository for rich content like documents, web assets, XML, and multimedia. The repository is surrounded by a services layer (s
PHP » Security — about 13 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Learning Nagios 3.0 is a comprehensive configuration guide to monitor and maintain your network and systems. It is a practical guide to setting up the Nagios 3.0 open source network monitoring tool, installing and configuring Nagios 3 on various operating systems. It will help understand system monitoring and how Nagios works. Nagios 3 is a system that watches to see whether hosts and services are working properly, and notifies users when problems occur. Nagios allows both the monitoring of serv
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 13 years ago
The basic concept in ExpressionEngine is that of a template. Go to any ExpressionEngine powered website and you will undoubtedly be looking at a template. Templates are what the outside world sees. At its most basic, a template in ExpressionEngine is a HTML (or CSS or JavaScript) file. If we wanted to, we could use a template exactly like a HTML file, without any problems. We could create an entire website without ever using any other part of ExpressionEngine.
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