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Ruby Tutorials

Ruby » Best Practices — almost 6 years ago
This tutorial is discussing about how to recover the deleted, formatted and lost Microsoft Word documents. If you lost some important files, don't worry as Kvisoft Data Recovery can easily help you get back all these lost files.
Ruby » Best Practices — over 5 years ago
post to your linkedin account using ruby #ruby #linkedin
Ruby » Best Practices — over 5 years ago
Create Matrix Like screen using Ruby #ruby #rails #gosu
Ruby » Best Practices — over 5 years ago
Random bouncy particles using ruby Gosu games library #ruby #rails
Ruby » Best Practices — over 5 years ago
get facebook friends data and save them as json file #facebook #ruby
Ruby » Best Practices — almost 5 years ago
Printing twitter and github followers #ruby #rails #twitter #github
Ruby » Best Practices — over 5 years ago
How to check multiple variables for equality in #ruby the simple way #code #rails #tip
Ruby » Best Practices — over 5 years ago
generate random string from a canonical form useful for responding like humans #ruby #rails
Ruby » Best Practices — over 10 years ago
It is a common Ruby misconception that certain argument handling techniques are faster than others, as well as using constants will increase the performance of your app compared to that of using locally scoped literals for regular expressions, strings, etc. Some frameworks such as Merb take pride in performance, and contain single ruby scripts packed with constants just for this reason. That being said until someone can prove these benchmarks wrong, we are seeing very little changes in results.
Ruby » Best Practices — about 12 years ago
Symbols in Ruby are among the most confused aspects of the language. This tutorial covers what they're used for, when to use them, and their advantages and disadvantages.
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