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Ruby Tutorials

Ruby » Basics — over 10 years ago
Learn about common, and less common Enumerable methods for iterating, finding, collecting, removing members and much more.
Ruby » Basics — over 10 years ago
Utilize the method_missing method to create dynamic methods at runtime
Ruby » Basics — over 10 years ago
Be confused no more! metaclasses and metaprogramming explained with great ease.
Ruby » Best Practices — over 5 years ago
Track your computer open/shutdown times #!/usr/bin/env ruby # Author : Emad Elsaid (https://github.com/blazeeboy) FILENAME = 'db.txt' OPEN, CLOSE = 1 , 0 file = File.open(FILENAME, 'a') file.write "#{OPEN} : #{Time.new}\n" file.flush begin loop { sleep 60 } # sleep for an hour in an endless loop rescue SystemExit, Interrupt # on exit file.write "#{CLOSE} : #{Time.new}\n" file.close end
Ruby » Basics — about 8 years ago
Ruby is a one of the most popular languages used on the web. We’ve started a new Session here on Nettuts+ that will introduce you to Ruby, as well as the great frameworks and tools that go along with Ruby development. In this episode, we’ll be looking at Tilt, an all-inclusive wrapper gem for Ruby template engines.
Ruby » Basics — over 10 years ago
Quick yet effective way to clean up simplistic blocks
Ruby » Basics — almost 11 years ago
Learning Ruby and used to working with PHP? Here are some useful tips when crossing over.
Ruby » Basics — over 10 years ago
Extend existing ruby methods to add your own functionality while retaining previous functionality.
Ruby » Libraries — over 10 years ago
So simple and easy I do not even need to speak in this screencast!
Ruby » Libraries — about 12 years ago
A walkthrough of building an extension for Ruby in C with code examples that only take a few minutes to follow.
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