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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Security — over 6 years ago
Creating an Advanced Password Recovery Utility
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 3 years ago
There may be times when you have a little rant of make a mistake in a post and want to exclude this from the in-built Wordpress search functionality. There is a way you can intercept the Wordpress search functionality</a> and exclude certain posts from being displayed. All you have to do is find out the post ID and add it to the following function in your functions.php file.
PHP » Database Interactions — almost 4 years ago
Reduce the number of MySQL queries by reorganising your code making it more efficient and much quicker with this tutorial.
PHP » Basics — over 2 years ago
A short tutorial/instructional explaining just how random the PHP rand() function is.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 1 year ago
In this WordPress tutorial you will learn how to add target="_blank" to links from user comment and to author name link, so you can open these links in a new window.
PHP » Basics — about 6 years ago
How to Syndicate Content without Utilizing a News Feed
PHP » Basics — over 2 years ago
Learn how to use the TinyURL API and fetch shortened URLs on the fly with PHP.
PHP » File Manipulation — over 4 years ago
Upload multiple files in one go using HTML5 instead of Flash.
PHP » Database Interactions — almost 7 years ago
Adding a jQuery Auto Complete to Your Google Custom Search Engine
PHP » Basics — over 5 years ago
This tutorial explains the basics of PHP Variables.
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