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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Content Management Systems — over 3 years ago
Usually, WordPress theme developer already provide a tooltip for post title. This tooltip appears when visitor hover the mouse over a post title in the home page or archive page or any page with linked post title. This tutorial, a very easy tutorial, will help you add a fancy jQuery tooltip for your WordPress post title, replacing the default one. read more: http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-create-fancy-jquerytooltip-for-your-wordpress-post-title/
PHP » Basics — almost 2 years ago
Display your Twitter fan count as plain text for integration into your website.
PHP » Basics — 5 months ago
In this article we will present our unique solution for automation of app installation in just one click – Jelastic Packaging Standard (JPS). We will describe how to package your own application in order to share it as ready-to-use product.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — 17 days ago
Chats and Shoutboxes are popular features of many websites. Learn how to create a facebook style chat with PHP OOP, including PHP Dependency Injection and PDO interface.
PHP » Forms — 17 days ago
Find Coupon Codes, Free Shipping, and Deals for your favorite online stores. New coupon codes and deals added daily. Tested and verified coupon codes. This way, you can save even more ...
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 3 years ago
How to set up a local PHP development environment enabling you to develop scripts on your local machine. Tuned specifically to wordpress but once setup can be used for any PHP/MySQL development.
PHP » File Manipulation — 2 months ago
Simple PHP upload file script with size and file type limitation, this is a simple script for uploading files into web-server using PHP.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 8 days ago
Addressing page load times is no longer a luxury, it’s a need. Getting up and running can be tricky, but this post highlights the 10 best CDN providers, plugins, and tips for a smooth transition.
PHP » Email — 3 months ago
In this tutorial we will approach quickly, the simplest way to create a contact form for users to send emails to the webmaster directly on your website, which can be fully designed by yourself, or running a cms like wordpress, joomla, etc.
PHP » Security — 6 months ago
This tutorial provides a few simple techniques for protecting yourself and your web site from spammers. It does this from two perspectives: protecting people (including yourself) who post to your web site from being spammed (this article).
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