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PHP Tutorials

PHP » File Manipulation — about 5 years ago
Hello, today I'm going to explain you how you can make a simple file uploader.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 6 years ago
WordPress is awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that it can be customized to power any type of site you like! Here, we'll be learning how to create a featured and "latest posts" section - easily a 'must-have' for all good News/Magazine themes. We'll also go over using the 'Custom Fields' to their fullest potential.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 1 month ago
In this post, I will show you how to add a custom field to the WooCommerce checkout page.
PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 4 years ago
Hooks are very useful in WordPress. They allow you to “hook” custom functions to an existing function, and allow you to modify WordPress’ functionality without editing the core files. This article shows simple usage of WordPress hook. The hook we are using here is post_publish, to restrict a specific word from post title You can read for more : http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-restrict-a-specific-word-from-post-title/
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 2 years ago
But what if you don't want this read more link then you need to run the following code snippet, add this to your functions.php file to remove the read more link.
PHP » Basics — about 1 year ago
Local development refers to the process of building a website from a virtual server, and not needing to be connected to the Internet in order to run PHP and MySQL. This tutorial easily walks you through the process.
PHP » Basics — almost 6 years ago
Asynchronous Comments with PHP, jQuery and JSON
PHP » Templating — almost 6 years ago
In this tutorial, I'll take you step by step in creating an index page for your Wordpress blog. It will list all your articles in chronological order with pagination, as well as drop down categories and archive dates.
PHP » Security — almost 5 years ago
An introductory guide to breaking CAPTCHA's with source code. Walks through identifying weaknesses in a CAPTCHA using them to extract the text and then identifying them.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 2 years ago
Wordpress allows you to create your own custom menus from pages or category items. Using your theme settings you can define where certain menus can appear. For example you can create a menu for all your categories and display this at the top of your page.
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