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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Email — 10 months ago
WordPress default email sending function wp_mail is way too basic. It uses "Wordpress" as sender name and doesn't allow you send HTML and plain text mail at the same time. If you are writing a plugin that sends emails this is going to be a problem.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 10 months ago
Here is a great list of code snippets and scripts for .htaccess file to optimize your website in many ways like redirection, performance, ease of use, security and more!
PHP » Content Management Systems — 10 months ago
Allow your visitors to Login Register in Drupal using Google Account login credentials, Here we are using a module just install enable and configure module.
PHP » Security — 10 months ago
Are you afraid to put your PHP site online because it’s unsafe? We have all been there. It’s easy to frighten when reading horror stories about hacked sites, leaked user data and so on. Probably every site can be hacked, no matter how well it’s protected. But having the most important security measures in your code will lower the probability to something like 1 in millions.
PHP » Basics — 10 months ago
PHP IDE is a PHP Integrated Development Environment for developing, debugging and managing PHP files. These are the Best free PHP IDE for Web Developers.
PHP » Security — 10 months ago
PHP has several functions which can be used as a way of compromising your server, if they are not configured correctly. Protecting your system requires a variety of prevention tools, but you can start with some basics which do not require additional costs. In this article, we will provide instructions on the initial settings that can be configured in the Jelastic Cloud to beef up the security of your application.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 10 months ago
Moving your WordPress from a subfolder to root is a great idea and practical too. Why? Because of a higher Page Rank. In the following tutorial we will teach you how to safely move your WordPress to root and redirect every visitor from your old links to the new ones.
PHP » Basics — 10 months ago
Arrays in PHP allows us to store more values into one variable which makes access to the values much easier. Enjoy learning new stuff!
PHP » Content Management Systems — 10 months ago
Today, we will share a tutorial on Nucleus CMS which has low system requirements and is easy to install and use. This PHP application provides convenient management and usage of your weblog, plus a wide range of features.
PHP » Basics — 11 months ago
Programming is always a question of choice, especially now when the IT sphere offers so many solutions. To succeed, you need to make the right choice while selecting the instances and services for running your application at all the stages of its life-cycle – from development to production. As a result, this influences various factors beginning with performance and the amount of money you need to invest.
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