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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Forms — 10 months ago
One of the most powerful features of PHP is the way it handles HTML Form. HTML forms are very powerful tool for interacting with users, it allows users to enter data that Will be sent to a server for processing. HTML forms are required when you want to collect data from users, for example during user registration. In this tutorial, I will be discussing working with HTML forms in PHP.
PHP » Forms — 10 months ago
When a form is submitted to a PHP script, the information from that form is automatically made availableto the script. As of the PHP 5.4, there are only two ways to access data from HTML forms: GET and POST. In this post, I will be discussing GET vs POST, comparing and stating when to use them.
PHP » Database Interactions — 10 months ago
In today tutorial, I will be showing how to create a photo album in PHP/MySQL. Before we get started, below is what our final output will look like. Photo Album In PHP/MySQL So let’s get started.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 10 months ago
I often need to get the post thumbnail URL in my projects, but the problem is wordpress doesn't have a function that can grab then featured image URL. In this post, I will show you how you can get the featured image URL using a tiny code snippet.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 11 months ago
The default WordPress category widget doesn't have an option to exclude certain categories from the listing, but you can easily do this by using a handy function.
PHP » File Manipulation — 11 months ago
Here is a tiny piece of php code which enables you to create a zip/archive file by using php's built-in ZipArchive extension.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 11 months ago
This is a small amount of code enables the support taxonomy support for files uploaded in media library.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 11 months ago
If you find the WordPress welcome panel a annoying or a distraction to your clients put the following line of code in your theme's functions.php file to hide or remove it from WordPress dashboard.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 11 months ago
This is a handy WordPress code snippet which allows you to hide or remove the default dashboard widget from WordPress dashboard.
PHP » File Manipulation — 11 months ago
This is a handy PHP function which allows you to extract the contents of a zip file inside a specified folder. It accepts two parameters path of zip file and destination where the zip will be extracted
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