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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Database Interactions — 5 months ago
So far we’ve created a MySQL database and tables, populated them with data, and added indexes to make them fast to search. Now it’s time to look at how these searches are performed, and the various commands and qualifiers available. We will be looking at querying MySQL database.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 5 months ago
A handy guide which can help you while using wp_trim_words() function in WordPress
PHP » Site Navigation — 5 months ago
A handy PHP code snippet which allows you to set WordPress permalink structure via functions.php file
PHP » Content Management Systems — 6 months ago
A handy PHP code snippet which allows you automatically empty your WordPress trash.
PHP » Database Interactions — 7 months ago
With well over ten million installations, MySQL is probably the most popular database management system for web servers. Developed in the mid-1990s, it’s now a mature technology that powers many of today’s most-visited Internet destinations. One reason for its success must be the fact that, like PHP, it’s free to use. But it’s also extremely powerful and exceptionally fast-it can run on even the most basic of hardware, and it hardly puts a dent in system resources.
PHP » Site Navigation — 7 months ago
A small amount of code which allows the users to extract the video ID from the YouTube URL.
PHP » Image Manipulation — 7 months ago
A tiny PHP code which allows you to stop the automatic image compression performed by WordPress on the uploaded images to reduce its size.
PHP » Forms — 7 months ago
Getting feedback from users of websites is very important, hence the need for all website to have a contact us form. Websites admins can get message on how to serve their users better. In cases of business websites, the contact us form will be used to get in touch with the business organization as regards their products and services. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a simple contact us form in PHP.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 7 months ago
A handy WordPress snippet which allows you to execute WordPress shortcodes within the WordPress theme files
PHP » Content Management Systems — 7 months ago
A handy code snippet which allows you set default content for posts in WordPress editor.
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