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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Content Management Systems — about 3 years ago
Online php script allows you to generate multiple number of strong and secure passwords.
PHP » Forms — almost 5 years ago
RainCaptcha is simple to use CAPTCHA for forms, it helps prevent spam submissions by creating images on the fly with embedded text.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 4 years ago
A handy code snippet which automatically Set the first post Image as a Featured Image in WordPress
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 4 years ago
How to integrate Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin with other plugins so you can have users who contact you automatically subscribe for a newsletter
PHP » Forms — about 3 years ago
Google’s recaptcha is really good but not always the most optimal tool for stopping spambots. It takes a bit too much space, requires entering app IDs, and sometimes is hard for the visitors to solve. Question based captcha’s are often easier solution. A simple question that requires textual answer is usually enough to keep most bots away, and is easy to code, requires no graphic libraries or API keys.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 3 years ago
In this Blog, I am explaining the step by step procedure to assigning new magento theme. For more information, Visit full Blog. http://findnerd.com/list/view/Assigning-New-Magento-Theme/3168/
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 4 years ago
We have used a Session variable for getting the WordPress logged in user id from an external php file. But it didn’t work once after upgrading the wordpress. Obviously the session variable setting page was overwritten by new wordpress update.
PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 5 years ago
WordPress updates are too essential for many bloggers but some times it will be pain , some of the word press users does not want to update their previous version of word press to latest version due to compatibility issues. We regularly get these core update messages and unknowingly we will update and loose every thing, in order to hide WordPress core updates here is the simple snippet to add in your functions.php file.
PHP » Forms — about 4 years ago
When a form is submitted to a PHP script, the information from that form is automatically made availableto the script. As of the PHP 5.4, there are only two ways to access data from HTML forms: GET and POST. In this post, I will be discussing GET vs POST, comparing and stating when to use them.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 4 years ago
A handy code snippet which allows you to change title attribute of WordPress login logo with your own custom text.
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