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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Frameworks — about 5 years ago
CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework and it's very easy to learn. In this tutorial I will cover the basics and show how to build a simple guestbook application.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 4 years ago
Here's a handy WordPress code snippet which allows you to automatically mark as spam comments with a super long url
PHP » Security — about 6 years ago
PHP Constants and Variables can be Insecure if not used properly. This is because of bad coding practices and loose error reporting in development.
PHP » Security — about 5 years ago
A handy PHP alphanumeric script which generates random password of a certain length. It uses all letters, both lowercase and uppercase and numbers. It might be for to generate verification code, user registration process or for a password recovery.
PHP » Security — almost 6 years ago
Are you afraid to put your PHP site online because it’s unsafe? We have all been there. It’s easy to frighten when reading horror stories about hacked sites, leaked user data and so on. Probably every site can be hacked, no matter how well it’s protected. But having the most important security measures in your code will lower the probability to something like 1 in millions.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 4 years ago
A tiny WordPress code snippet which allows you to display the total number of WordPress comments on the front-end.
PHP » Frameworks — almost 6 years ago
Hi all, in this multi-part tutorial I will teach you about manipulating and serving images (and other assets) on the fly.
PHP » Basics — over 5 years ago
Scrapping the impossible
PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 6 years ago
WordPress updates are too essential for many bloggers but some times it will be pain , some of the word press users does not want to update their previous version of word press to latest version due to compatibility issues. We regularly get these core update messages and unknowingly we will update and loose every thing, in order to hide WordPress core updates here is the simple snippet to add in your functions.php file.
PHP » Frameworks — about 4 years ago
In this Post, We are going to create a simple HTML select box element using Laravel Form and HTML builder class.
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