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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Frameworks — about 13 years ago
Social networking sites like Facebook provide site owners and developers with myriad new ways to promote their offerings. Here, David walks you through the many ways in which your apps can interact with Facebook to provide enhanced functionality and facilitate the cross-promotion of your sites.
PHP » Basics — about 13 years ago
A php login script tutorial with complex features like: user confirmation, forgot password page, restricted access to web pages based on level access and more.
PHP » Basics — about 13 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to build a php based search engine for your website
PHP » Basics — about 13 years ago
A php/mysql do your own survey tutorial to help you find the best answers to your questions directly from your visitors.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — about 13 years ago
Introduction to the use of mod_rewrite for more search engine and user friendly URLs
PHP » Database Interactions — about 13 years ago
A quick and easy guide to user registration using PHP, SQL and PHPMyAdmin.
PHP » Basics — about 13 years ago
A detailed description how to use PHP strings and basic string manipulation functions.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — about 13 years ago
In this tutorial you'll learn how to use different functions to create a system which will generate random chars which you can use for example for random generrated passwords or a captcha system, etc..
PHP » File Manipulation — about 13 years ago
PHP follows almost same way of writing and manipulating files as in standard C. That is why it becomes so easy for a developer with C lanaguage background to create php application that uses files to save and retrieve data. It is a short tutoril that will get you started with writng and manipulating text files.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — about 13 years ago
Learn how to create your own SMILIES system which will replace all smilie codes in a string by smilie images! So you can use SMILIES in your/any texts/strings! Also learn a lot new functions in this detailled tutorial!
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