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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Date and Time — over 7 years ago
Dates can be hard to work with in PHP, here we learn you the simple way of getting yesterdays date (and other dates relative to today)
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 7 years ago
Even though it is possible to do Web development and testing on a remote server, it is better to fully develop a new Web site on a local Web server, and then upload everything when it is finished, for many reasons...
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 7 years ago
How to use Wordpress Custom Fields and SimplePie to add RSS feeds to your website showcase.
PHP » Frameworks — over 7 years ago
Today I'll introduce you to CodeIgniter, a framework that does all three. CodeIgniter is an MVC application framework for PHP that gives you a consistent structure for your application, takes care of common tasks and helps you implement complex functionality with minimal effort.
PHP » Database Interactions — over 7 years ago
This tutorial walks you through using the Digg API to fetch one random story from Digg and display it on your site. Good introduction to using the Digg API for content syndication. Uses PHP and XML.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 7 years ago
An RSS feed is a great way to serve up your content to users. However, if you're not using a standard CMS or blogging platform you may not have an RSS feed generated for you automatically. This tutorial will show you how to create an RSS feed in a few simple steps. If you can query your database to get information about your articles, you can complete this tutorial and build a custom feed.
PHP » Basics — over 7 years ago
When it comes to building web applications in PHP, performance isn't typically a major concern. Features, usability and any business concerns are considered a greater priority, as they can be better demonstrated and visualised. Performance graphs don't make the boss's day. So, why should you as a PHP developer, worry about performance? Quite a few reasons, in fact...
PHP » Security — over 7 years ago
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a captcha image to protect your form submissions.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 7 years ago
The fourth part implements the login, logout, registration process using the class created in the third part
PHP » Basics — over 7 years ago
So, you’re a hotshot PHP developer. You’ve written a lot of code powering some pretty cool websites; maybe you’ve even written some public / open source scripts that other developers are using. You’ve been through it all with the web, from basic database hacks to battling with inconsistent browser rendering, and now you want to have a go at something different.
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