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PHP Tutorials

PHP » Database Interactions — almost 7 years ago
Many people have heard of SQLite but not many people have used it in their PHP applications. Most PHP applications make use of the MySQL database engine to store information however this is not always needed for small amounts of data. In these cases, web applications often store their data in a "flat file" format, often just a plain text file or an XML file. Both of these methods have their downsides.
PHP » Basics — almost 7 years ago
In this short article I will introduce you to the PHP Command Line Interface (or CLI for short). PHP CLI allows you to run PHP scripts directly from the command line bypassing the need for a web server.
PHP » Image Manipulation — almost 7 years ago
Using JavaScript, PHP and the GD library, we are going to draw a bar chart showing the binomial distribution for 0 to 10 successes out of 10 trials based upon the probability for success entered by the user in a form.
PHP » Image Manipulation — almost 7 years ago
Most of us have probably encountered a Captcha system on the web in the past few years, sometimes without even knowing it. Captcha systems are designed to filter out automated "spam bots" from posting to websites that accept submissions such as forums and blogs by asking the user to solve a problem. These problems can range from typing in the letters and numbers displayed in an image to answering a simple math question or selecting the correct image.
PHP » Database Interactions — almost 7 years ago
This tutorial aims to outline the process of creating a visitor map you sometimes see on MySpace profiles.
PHP » Basics — almost 7 years ago
The native array pointer functions in PHP allow you to traverse an array without actually referring to specific array elements. They can be particularly useful if you're using an associative array and wish to use the first element in the array. An internal array pointer, in PHP, is fundamentally an invisible pointer that points to a particular record in an array.
PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 7 years ago
Create a category system that allows for unlimited number of categories. Keep everything dynamic and easy to use.
PHP » Site Navigation — almost 7 years ago
Learn how to use the power of PHP and CSS to build dynamic drop down menus
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — almost 7 years ago
A PHP image gallery script using MySQl and Apache URL rewriting. Images can be uploaded from remote location and the users computer.
PHP » Image Manipulation — almost 7 years ago
An article demonstrating how to crop an image using PHP's GD library, whilst still keeping the aspect ratio as it was originally. This is very clever as it prevents the image from looking stretch. For example, if you resized an image to 80x80 but the original image was wide-screen, then the image would look very much stretched. This article shows you how to get around that and crop images the proper way!
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