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PHP Tutorials — Sockets

PHP » Sockets — over 10 years ago
Simple PHP IRC Bot, is a simple PHP IRC Bot class designed to connect to an IRC server, run a few simple commands. This short tutorial will show you how to set him up with XAMPP
PHP » Sockets — over 10 years ago
The aim of this example is to create a simple PHP script that cam be fed a url from the command line and xml from the standard in. It will then send the xml to the url and get the response. This works with http and secure http or https too. Use this PHP script to quickly and easily test your web services or third party web services. This also demonstrates reading from standard in or STDIN.
PHP » Sockets — about 13 years ago
By the end of this tutorial you will end up with a functioning IRC bot that can connect to a server, join channels, give and take operator, half operator, voice and protected status from a user. In the next tutorial I will discuss the different ways to "log" certain parts of the information processed by the bot, how to build a statistics table of various statistics like who has been on the longest, speaks the most, etc.
PHP » Sockets — over 13 years ago
Smarty templates are written in simple HTML, with embedded Smarty tags. Whatever you can do with an HTML page, you can do with templates. Templates are not pure HTML . . .
PHP » Sockets — over 13 years ago
This tutorial will teach you how to create sockets and receive data from them. and use this data in a relevant way to start your first socket script. Using fsockopen() and fgets()
PHP » Sockets — over 14 years ago
This tutorial walks you through creating a php script to send a trackback HTTP request to a blog, read the response, and let the user know whether or not the trackback was successful.
PHP » Sockets — about 15 years ago
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a PHP script to check whether the actual domain name is available or not.
PHP » Sockets — about 15 years ago
Using sockets check whether and link input by a user is working or gives a 404 error, many uses in many websites. Don't let users submit 404 links anymore!
PHP » Sockets — about 15 years ago
In this tutorial I will show you how to check whether a domain, server is up or down and how fast it is. Generally speaking we will implement a ping command with PHP.
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