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PHP Tutorials — Site Navigation

PHP » Site Navigation — over 9 years ago
Recently introduced in WordPress 3 is the ability to create custom menus. For anyone who has ever developed a theme, this was long a overdue feature. In this tutorial we are going to look at the new menu system and how to implement it.
PHP » Site Navigation — over 9 years ago
Today we will go through how you can update your twitter status remotely. We will using the cURL function and twitter’s API to accomplish this.
PHP » Site Navigation — almost 10 years ago
Learn the advantages of using a php include system, and learn to write a php active state navigation function while your at it!
PHP » Site Navigation — about 10 years ago
A beginner's guide on how to rewrite URLs with the mod_rewrite module.
PHP » Site Navigation — over 10 years ago
Breadcrumb navigation is often overlooked in the design and development process. Some people may see it as unnecessary while others may feel it is too big of a hassle for what its worth. Fact of the matter is, breadcrumb navigation will greatly increase the usability of a website.
PHP » Site Navigation — almost 11 years ago
Using PayPal's Instant Payment Notification with PHP
PHP » Site Navigation — about 11 years ago
This chapter covers the steps that you would have to follow in designing and implementing resource-oriented clients in detail. The design of the clients is governed by the design of the service. And the client programmer needs to understand the semantics of the service, which is usually communicated through service API documentation. In the examples of this chapter, we will use the library service API designed in Chapter 4 to explain how we could use an existing API while designing PHP applicati
PHP » Site Navigation — about 11 years ago
The code shows how you can find out where your visitors are coming from and using this information maximise social media interaction.
PHP » Site Navigation — over 11 years ago
PHP 301 Redirection for multiple domains
PHP » Site Navigation — over 11 years ago
A nice tutorial on how to create advanced pagination for your website.
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