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PHP Tutorials — Site Navigation

PHP » Site Navigation — about 6 years ago
Compression is a simple and effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your website. When a user hits your website there is a call that is made to your server to deliver the requested files (actually they are HTML, CSS files, Javascript files, images etc. The bigger these files are the longer it's going to take for them to get to your browser. Also it takes much more time to appear on your screen whether you work on stationary or mobile devices.
PHP » Site Navigation — almost 7 years ago
Building Search Engine Friendly URLs With Htaccess And PHP
PHP » Site Navigation — almost 7 years ago
A google style Did you mean PHP script
PHP » Site Navigation — about 7 years ago
A quick tutorial to show how you can make interactive AJAX dropdown menus that are database driven.
PHP » Site Navigation — almost 8 years ago
When maintaining a website in this day and age, having well formatted URLs is a must for good SEO. Containing keywords in your URL helps search engines pick up your sites topic and niche. However when a URL is made for a page, it should always remain on that URL. Having multiple URLs for one page will do your site no good in terms of SEO.
PHP » Site Navigation — about 8 years ago
Create Dynamic Poll System With Animated Colors
PHP » Site Navigation — about 8 years ago
Google Plus API for developers allows you to fetch public data form Google+. In this tutorial w3resource discusses an overview of Google Plus API, followed by detail tutorial of all the necessary steps one need to perform to successfully fetch public data from Google+.
PHP » Site Navigation — over 8 years ago
Adding a checkbox to your comments form is an excellent way to present your readers with the option of signing up to your mailing list. Doing so will increase your core readership and enable you to engage with them more.
PHP » Site Navigation — over 8 years ago
The Google +1 button is a way for your readers to tell their friends that they like your content and this tutorial shows you how to install it on your WordPress site
PHP » Site Navigation — over 8 years ago
Learn how to use php to generate a class of active inside your navigation to visually specify the active page to the user.
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