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PHP Tutorials — Security

PHP » Security — about 13 years ago
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a captcha image to protect your form submissions.
PHP » Security — about 13 years ago
This tutorial shows you how to create an 8-character random password to send to implement into your user-management system.
PHP » Security — about 13 years ago
Whenever you input data into the database, it must be sanitized. This is simply not an option. Not doing so leaves room for various exploits and attacks.
PHP » Security — about 13 years ago
This tutorial walks you through how to use the crypt() function in php. You'll encrypt a password so that it can be stored in the database, compare a new word to the encrypted password, and use an md5 hash to make sure you encrypt the entire passphrase.
PHP » Security — over 13 years ago
Why would I want to validate PHP_SELF? It's a server side value, so how could it be a security issue? Wrong! It can be altered by the user for XSS (Cross Side Scripting). Read on!
PHP » Security — over 13 years ago
We're going to be constructing an Apache-like, in fact we're going to be emulating the Apache ACL in its entirety. Although you could quite easily use Apache, this allows you to see how it's all done and even extend onto it to allow temporary bans which expire after a certain amount of time - if you were that way inclined.
PHP » Security — over 13 years ago
In this tutorial you'll learn how to secure your scripts against SQL injections. Detailled explanation and good end result!
PHP » Security — over 13 years ago
Now before some snotty nosed individual points out that ACLs can be done via .htaccess, let me cover my arse by saying although it can be done that way, we're not doing it that way. More technically speaking, however, albeit Apache is the better way it's not the most practical way due to the manual updating of .htaccess files. Unless you wish to parse the file - which is not advised for security and speed reasons, then PHP is the way to be heading.
PHP » Security — over 13 years ago
I sat down with a friend today and spent a good 5 hours attempting to breach the security of an unnamed website. The website in question is a rather popular website with an Alexa ranking of just over 3,000. I've always been of the opinion that esoteric knowledge is only esoteric because the individuals wish to make it that way. Governmental procedures, for instance, are very esoteric. Unless you're actually there, the procedures are well over many individuals' head.
PHP » Security — over 13 years ago
The header function may seem relatively straightforward on the surface . You issue the function along with a header as the first argument and it does the rest for you. Many people rely religiously on the header function working to forward users to the next page.
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