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PHP Tutorials — Security

PHP » Security — over 7 years ago
PHP Constants and Variables can be Insecure if not used properly. This is because of bad coding practices and loose error reporting in development.
PHP » Security — almost 8 years ago
The term hacker used to be benevolent, but has since changed to become a term for evil-doers online who use their knowledge of technology to exploit others. Learn how they operate and how to deal with them.
PHP » Security — almost 8 years ago
The common problem on most of WordPress Themes is that Contributors can see all posts in Admin Panel (Dashboard), even draft and pending posts of others. This is an annoying thing, because if you or your users may want to write new articles on your blog, they will be able to see all other posts in your Admin Panel, but they can’t delete or edit any post.
PHP » Security — about 8 years ago
Sample PHP code for Store and verify the encrypted password Here use Base64-encoded and decode function to store and retrieve the password. The Base64-encoded function work process Password change into random letters, numbers and/or characters. Base64-encoded data takes about 33% more space than the original data.
PHP » Security — about 8 years ago
10 most usefull htaccess tricks to improve your website performance and security.
PHP » Security — about 8 years ago
Creating server side logs with PHP daywise in text files.
PHP » Security — over 8 years ago
How To Block Bad Bots With .Htaccess And Php on basis of user agent and IP address.
PHP » Security — over 8 years ago
Build your own Forgot Password PHP Script when password is encrypted with md5 or SHA1.
PHP » Security — over 8 years ago
How to secure PHP websites from hackers a detail guide.
PHP » Security — over 9 years ago
Because internet is the biggest network in the world and everyone can be able to have access to your web site so, You as a web developer can fall in the hall of SQL Injection.. So that I will let you know how to prevent it.
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