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PHP Tutorials — Object Oriented Programming

PHP » Object Oriented Programming — about 4 years ago
WordPress is such a great tool for bloggers and publishers. I`m not making any differentiation between digital writers and others because WordPress, being a CMS, can handle any type of website. But as much as they love to offer free content to the masses, they still have to monetize WordPress in someway and what`s the most convenient way if not Google Adsense?
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 8 years ago
Utilize a custom PHP class for integrating the Authorize.Net Advanced Integration Method (AIM) API into an ecommerce website. It includes the class and step-by-step instructions for using it.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 6 years ago
How to Make an AJAX PHP Chat System Easily with download-able sources
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 2 years ago
Chats and Shoutboxes are popular features of many websites. Learn how to create a facebook style chat with PHP OOP, including PHP Dependency Injection and PDO interface.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 7 years ago
About This SeriesThis is a three part series introducing Object-Oriented PHP, a way to manage your code and keep different parts separate, all while being easily accessible. I hadn’t really planned it this way, but myprevious article works as a great precursor to this article, showing you how to get a PHP/MySQL Sandbox up and running, which is just what we’ll be using for this tutorial as I believe a hands-on approach is the best way to...
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 6 years ago
This is part two of a PHP class tutorial (OOP programming), with code-along examples to follow through. This continues on from part one: http://edrackham.com/php/php-class-tutorial/
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 7 years ago
IntroductionWelcome to Part 2 of a three part series introducing Object Oriented PHP! This tutorial will build off thefirst part from last week. Compare this to playing a sport; if you don’t know the basics, you’ll never progress.In This TutorialToday, we are going to learn the following:Constructors and DestructorsReturning data from your functionsKeeping organizedConstructors and DestructorsThink of PHP constructors and destructors like.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — almost 7 years ago
In this tutorial we are making a simple AJAX-ed Todo List App, with PHP, MySQL and jQuery. In the process we are going to demonstrate PHP’s OOP capabilities, play with jQuery UI and implement some nice AJAX functionality.
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