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PHP Tutorials — Object Oriented Programming

PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 9 years ago
Just quickly following up my post from earlier on today where I looked at how to log into the Google Analytics API using PHP and CURL using Username/Password Authentication I wrapped the login code up into a class with methods for logging in and then calling API functions.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — almost 10 years ago
Fluent interface for parsing HTML, specifically statistical data in tables.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — about 10 years ago
How to Create an Object-Oriented Blog Using PHP
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 10 years ago
Utilize a custom PHP class for integrating the Authorize.Net Advanced Integration Method (AIM) API into an ecommerce website. It includes the class and step-by-step instructions for using it.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 10 years ago
In PHP there are many methods of programming a script or website. Advanced programmers use something called classes. These help programmers to organize their code and also make the script more versatile.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 10 years ago
In this tutorial, I'll introduce you to the concept of Classes and Objects in PHP. To put it simply, an Object in the context of programming languages is a data structure which can contain any number of variables and functions all held together under a Class name. This Class can then be created in the normal scope of the code and stored inside a new variable, and multiple copies of this same class can be created. This allows for an even greater level of code encapsulation
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 10 years ago
Create a web crawler / spider / scraper in under 5 minutes with PHP OO features! infinitely extendable and a great start.
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