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PHP Tutorials — Installation and Configuration

PHP » Installation and Configuration — about 12 years ago
Lighttpd is a secure, flexible, and most importantly, light web server designed and optimized for high performance environments. It is open-source and licensed under the revised BSD license. Its event-driven architecture optimized for a large number of parallel connections, its advanced features (FastCGI, CGI, Auth, Output Compression, URL Rewriting, and many more), and its small memory footprint compared to other web servers, make Lighttpd the perfect server software for every web server that s
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 12 years ago
Your Localhost is very nearly complete, we've installed Apache, PHP 5 and MySQL 5. I breifly talked about the ability to modify and change MySQL databases. Well phpMyAdmin can do just that, this tool allows you to do this, it helps you manage your MySQL database in a nicely presented admin panel which you can easily change tables, prefixes and much more. This tool is a must if you plan on creating databases on your localhost
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 12 years ago
n part two, we installed almightly PHP language onto our localhost, with that you can now run php scripts and code offline on your localhost, but for example what if you want to test a script that needs a database your basically stuck aren't you? Well to handle databases there's something called MySQL, this is simple a relation database management system and is present on most web-servers avaliable today.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 12 years ago
localhost is a developers best friend when it comes to testing out server side scripts etc. Much like a web-server, a localhost is a space which is offline but allows you to view/test server side code as if it was a real online server, but infact you will be creating a server which can only be accessed by you. There are many ways to create an localhost but there is one easy newbie friendly way to go about it, and that is by installing Apache web server on your computer. This method is very simp
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 12 years ago
In part one we setup a Apache server and configured the localhost ready for you to use, we also set up the directory where you are going to save your local files. But so far in part one we only essentially setup the localhost, so all of the goodness of being able to view server side documents/script etc won't work yet as you will need to install them,
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 12 years ago
When you post a new article to your blog, there is function (in wordpress) where it automatically sends a message out to various blog directories letting them know of your new post. That's a Ping. I don't need to tell you that this is great for traffic.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 13 years ago
In order to obtain greater performance while using the Apache HTTP server you may want to consider disabling .htaccess reads and aggregating all of these files, then placing the results in httpd.conf or an included configuration file.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 13 years ago
A nice tutorial on how to compile, install, configure, and use eAccelerator for PHP.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 13 years ago
A brochure-style Web site may be sufficient for a business that simply wants a basic Web presence — some static pages to inform the visitor of the company's off-line contact information. But most organizations want a Web site that can interact with the visitor, delivering custom content in dynamically-generated pages, and storing visitor information in a database.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 13 years ago
As Web sites and Web-based applications become more important to commercial firms and other organizations, so too does the methods used for storing data online, such as customer contact information, system login details, product data, and much more.
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