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PHP Tutorials — Installation and Configuration

PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 8 years ago
Simple PHP IRC Logger is a simple PHP IRC Bot class designed to connect to an IRC server, and generate HTML log files. This tutorial will show you how to set him up.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 9 years ago
Facebook tutorial that will teach you the correct way to setup a Fan Gate for your Custom Facebook Iframe tab to show and hide content to Fan and Non-Fan users.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 9 years ago
Web Programming tutorial/guide on how to install PHP & MySQL scripts. Including a Wordpress installation guide as example.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 9 years ago
How to set up a local PHP development environment enabling you to develop scripts on your local machine. Tuned specifically to wordpress but once setup can be used for any PHP/MySQL development.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 9 years ago
THis is part 2 of the video tutorial of installing xdebugger into eclipse PDT Integrated development environment. Click though to our video page to see the tutorial.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 9 years ago
Install Xdebug Debugger into Eclipse PDT IDE Part 1 Video Tutorial. Visit the Blog page then click through to our video page.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 10 years ago
The purpose of this article is to provide step-by-step instructions for installing WordPress on your web server. Here you will learn the tools needed to prepare for the installation, the process of getting WordPress onto your web server, and configuring it. The result will be a fully functional Installation of WordPress that will allow you to begin adding content and developing your own blog or web site using this powerful, but easy to use, content management system.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 10 years ago
In this chapter one will learn new methods by which they can enhance the performance of their web server and look at the way a typical web server responds when put under an increasing amount of load from client requests, both when it has ModSecurity disabled and when it is enabled, and will then be able to compare the results takes a look at the performance of ModSecurity and what impact, if any, it has on the speed of server and web application.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 11 years ago
In this article by Alfonso Romero, we will learn how to configure NetBeans, VirtualBox and the Turnkey LAMP Appliance to develop complex PHP applications in a virtual environment. This article explains the process of creating a virtual machine, configuring the NetBeans PHP IDE, and managing a WordPress project with NetBeans in a step wise manner.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — about 11 years ago
Learn how to create a local professional programming environment for your PHP projects by installing a Linux web server on a virtual computer.
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