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PHP Tutorials — Installation and Configuration

PHP » Installation and Configuration — 3 months ago
This tutorial explains how to update the standard PHP 5.1.x packages in CentOS 5.x 32-bit to the current development versions 5.3.x. Read more: Networking Tips Tricks http://www.atoz-networking.blogspot.in/2013/03/PHP5.1To5.3.html#ixzz2nWN40j7h
PHP » Installation and Configuration — 5 months ago
This Tutorial explains installation of php & apc on gnulinux or centos-5
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 1 year ago
A CDN is a “Content Delivery Network” and the way I think about it is that it’s a cheaper “server” that holds copies of your images, videos, and other miscellaneous files in multiple locations and is used to serve your visitors with that data.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 2 years ago
How to easily setup a local PHP and MySQL. An article about running PHP websites on your local machine.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — about 2 years ago
A very simple way to display your facebook fan count as plain text on your website.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 2 years ago
Simple PHP IRC Logger is a simple PHP IRC Bot class designed to connect to an IRC server, and generate HTML log files. This tutorial will show you how to set him up.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 3 years ago
Facebook tutorial that will teach you the correct way to setup a Fan Gate for your Custom Facebook Iframe tab to show and hide content to Fan and Non-Fan users.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 3 years ago
Web Programming tutorial/guide on how to install PHP & MySQL scripts. Including a Wordpress installation guide as example.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 3 years ago
How to set up a local PHP development environment enabling you to develop scripts on your local machine. Tuned specifically to wordpress but once setup can be used for any PHP/MySQL development.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 3 years ago
THis is part 2 of the video tutorial of installing xdebugger into eclipse PDT Integrated development environment. Click though to our video page to see the tutorial.
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