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PHP Tutorials — Image Manipulation

PHP » Image Manipulation — about 9 years ago
Learn how to make a simple PHP bar chart
PHP » Image Manipulation — about 9 years ago
This is a class that extracts the rss data from vi.sualize.us servers and gets the images to display them. I do this every time someone visits the page. If any image is new for the first time we display the image from vi.sualize.us and run a functions in javascript to check for new images. If any new images exist then we cache them in a folder on our server and the next time a user visits the page that image will be shown from our server.
PHP » Image Manipulation — over 9 years ago
Resizing and watermarking images in PHP with the help of the GD2 module is easy and painless.
PHP » Image Manipulation — over 9 years ago
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to increase pageviews by adding thumbnails to related posts using the popular YARPP plugin and Wordpress custom fields. The Goal Before we start, let’s take a look at the result of what we’re building:
PHP » Image Manipulation — over 9 years ago
Learn how to generate dynamic images in PHP, some uses are tracking visitors with an image, displaying the users name in the image or the time/date. In this tutorial you will convert an email address from a database to an image (just like facebook) to protect from email spiders.
PHP » Image Manipulation — over 9 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to create a very simple gallery using php and mysql. The gallery will have a front page to show all images in the gallery they shows a thumbnail of each image. The thumbnail will be created automatically when uploaded to the gallery. When the thumbnail is clicked a bigger version of the image will be shown along with the title of the image and a description to go with the image. The gallery will also have a very simple back-end to let the admin of the site a
PHP » Image Manipulation — about 10 years ago
Building the Back End of a Photo Site
PHP » Image Manipulation — about 10 years ago
Today, most of websites use the RSS Feed with Feedburner to analyse and to count its readers. In this tutorial, I'll explain how create a custom RSS Feed button with the readers number. You'll use PHP with GD and XML.
PHP » Image Manipulation — about 10 years ago
How to Dynamically Create Thumbnails
PHP » Image Manipulation — over 10 years ago
One of the more surprising things you can learn about PHP is that it’s actually very useful when it comes to manipulating images of varying filetypes and formats. And a good thing too, since a lot of the internet is made up of pictures! The functionality of PHP in terms of image manipulation ranges from very simple resizing of images through to more complex effects and functions using image libraries such as ImageMagick
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