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PHP Tutorials — Frameworks

PHP » Frameworks — almost 13 years ago
Twitter Emulation Using MooTools 1.2 and PHP
PHP » Frameworks — about 13 years ago
How to Read an RSS Feed with PHP
PHP » Frameworks — about 13 years ago
With many software frameworks available online nowadays, with many pros and cons on their side, it has become very important to check out complete details of these frameworks before applying them. Amongst the various kinds of software frameworks, the PHP Framework is more popular nowadays. Being simple to work on and easy to use, PHP frameworks are soon becoming the catchword of software frameworks
PHP » Frameworks — about 13 years ago
Nowadays, the code debugger is a tool that has almost all programing enviroments which allows you to watch the internal work of your applications and finding errors at run time for a easy way. Learn an easy mode to debug in PHP.
PHP » Frameworks — about 13 years ago
Create a PHP5 Framework - Part 2
PHP » Frameworks — about 13 years ago
Tutorial on how to fetch the external links to any given article through Google Blog Search's Atom feature and displaying them as a list of trackbacks. With this implemented your blog readers will get the complete picture of the off-site discussion.
PHP » Frameworks — about 13 years ago
Tutorial with source code describing how to create a small MVC framework where PHP doctrine is responsible for the models and Smarty for the views. The controller we make ourselves.
PHP » Frameworks — over 13 years ago
Shows how you can extend the Zend DB Table which is an important part of the popular PHP framework, in order to do less database coding.
PHP » Frameworks — over 13 years ago
Many PHP applications require the ability to send emails nowadays from simple plain-text emails confirming a registration to advanced HTML newsletters. PHP allows us to send emails using the mail() function but this can quickly get complex when you begin to add HTML, attachments and different character encoding.
PHP » Frameworks — over 13 years ago
Today I'll introduce you to CodeIgniter, a framework that does all three. CodeIgniter is an MVC application framework for PHP that gives you a consistent structure for your application, takes care of common tasks and helps you implement complex functionality with minimal effort.
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