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PHP Tutorials — Frameworks

PHP » Frameworks — about 10 years ago
WordPress 3+ allows for custom theme controlled menus. Lets look at how to add multiple menus to a theme.
PHP » Frameworks — over 10 years ago
How to parse cookies straight from the HTTP header in machine to machine communication with Zend Http Client.
PHP » Frameworks — over 10 years ago
Hi there! this is super fast tutorial, when I was take a rest at the room. Oh god, where is my cofee and PUNK music. Aha! This tutorial will show to you, how to create Interactive and very fast data management on one page together, without refreshing any page.
PHP » Frameworks — almost 11 years ago
OAuth can be a tricky concept to wrap your head around at first, but with the Twitter API now requiring its use, it is something you need to understand before creating a Twitter application. This tutorial will introduce you to OAuth, and walk you through the process of creating a basic application.
PHP » Frameworks — almost 11 years ago
Learn a simple method of creating a plugin system / framework similar to the WordPress 'hook' system for your application.
PHP » Frameworks — about 11 years ago
In this 15th episode of the series, we are going to learn about three subjects: Profiling, Benchmarking and Hooks. You can use these tools to analyze your CodeIgniter applications performance, and figure out what part of the code you need to optimize. We are also going to make even further improvements to the Profiler library to suit our needs.
PHP » Frameworks — about 11 years ago
If you’re building a CMS, you’ll probably need different user roles—superusers, admins, users—with different permission levels. Too complicated to code? Enter CakePHP’s ACL (Access Control Lists). With the right setup, you’ll be checking user permissions with just one line.
PHP » Frameworks — over 11 years ago
Creating Basic CRUD using Codeigniter And Extjs Editor Grid, and a little some function like pagination and quick search
PHP » Frameworks — over 11 years ago
Creating basic image gallery using built in helper and libraries in Codeigniter without database
PHP » Frameworks — over 11 years ago
Step by step guide on building a contact page in WordPress using custom templates.
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