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PHP Tutorials — Frameworks

PHP » Frameworks — over 5 years ago
Laravel Tips, Tricks, & Workarounds To Help The Beginner Along When Starting. Enjoy The Beautiful MVC Framework To The Fullest
PHP » Frameworks — over 5 years ago
Learn about CodeIgniter and it's awesome features. Get started with the framework today!
PHP » Frameworks — over 5 years ago
A shopping cart is relatively easy to build and all it takes is a little jQuery love with some CodeIgniter.
PHP » Frameworks — almost 6 years ago
You can create a WordPress widget to do anything you want, the easiest way to create a WordPress widget is to inherit the WP_Widget class. This way you can use the inbuilt functions to update the widget, display the widget and create an admin page for the widget. Below is the boilerplate of a WordPress widget, when you create a new widget just copy and paste the below code as a starting point for your Widget.
PHP » Frameworks — about 6 years ago
A Wordpress snippet it allows you add a Google+ button to the bottom of each post on your Wordpress blog.
PHP » Frameworks — about 6 years ago
In this tutorial we will build a small application with CodeIgniter that will be backed by a MySQL database. It will present questions and give visitors the ability to post answers.
PHP » Frameworks — over 6 years ago
In this installment, we will be expanding our project with a basic Model class, a Template class, and a general helper file.
PHP » Frameworks — over 6 years ago
At the end of this tutorial series, you will have constructed a fully functional barebones MVC framework along with a very simple web application that runs on your creation! This tutorial is for people with some experience in Object-Oriented Programming and PHP.
PHP » Frameworks — over 6 years ago
review of APC caching and will show you how you can use APC in PHP.
PHP » Frameworks — over 6 years ago
how you can use PHP to obtain ID3 meta info from music files (mp3). Most easy way to store id3 info – winamp software.
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