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PHP Tutorials — Frameworks

PHP » Frameworks — over 5 years ago
In this tutorial we will build a fun little tool for internal/personal usage that posts random tweets at pre-defined times with Laravel and the Twitter API. We will use some of Laravel 4′s powerful features such as Artisan commands, Eloquent...
PHP » Frameworks — almost 6 years ago
Hi all, in this multi-part tutorial I will teach you about manipulating and serving images (and other assets) on the fly.
PHP » Frameworks — almost 6 years ago
In this article I would like to share how to make a sortable index view with Laravel 4.
PHP » Frameworks — almost 6 years ago
In this tutorial I will go over implementing Full-Text search in Laravel 4 . Those who have used Laravel 3 in the past may remember that there used to be support for FULLTEXT indexes. This functionality has been removed in Laravel 4 but can still easily be implemented.
PHP » Frameworks — over 6 years ago
The general basics of using switch case in PHP coding.
PHP » Frameworks — over 6 years ago
CodeLobster PHP Edition is a free portable handy editor primarily intended for editing PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript files with support Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, Smarty engine, JQuery library, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, Facebook and WordPress
PHP » Frameworks — over 6 years ago
This is an article for those who want to start with the CodeIgniter Framework and have never worked with it before. Here you will find basics for configuration and first steps for using this great framework.
PHP » Frameworks — about 7 years ago
Working with a database is required in almost any modern-day application. If you have been using CodeIgniter and struggling in getting your data and code to cooperate this tutorial is for you!
PHP » Frameworks — about 7 years ago
Hello and welcome back to the second part of the tutorial. We are creating a URL shortening service using a PHP framework called CodeIgniter, and helpful tool developed by Twitter, called Bootstrap.
PHP » Frameworks — about 7 years ago
Welcome to part 1 of a series of tutorials that will teach you how to create your own URL shortener from scratch.
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