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PHP Tutorials — Forms

PHP » Forms — over 9 years ago
Ajax Fancy Captcha is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers. We are introducing you to a new, intuitive way of completing “verify humanity” tasks. In order to do that you are asked to drag and drop specified item into a circle.
PHP » Forms — over 9 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to make a simple form to convert your text from upper-case to lower-case, This simple tool is really useful for when you need to change a piece of text to lower-case without having to re-write it.
PHP » Forms — almost 10 years ago
In our free PHP Captcha Script, we'll provide you with the code and images to make implementing a Captcha form on your website as easy as could be!
PHP » Forms — almost 10 years ago
In this tutorial we're going to look at making sticky forms that will capture data in a PHP session. We'll also use AJAX to make each field on our form save the data into a session as soon as that field loses focus.
PHP » Forms — almost 10 years ago
A Better Login System
PHP » Forms — almost 10 years ago
I wanted to have people be able to leave their twitter ID with their comments on my blog. I also wanted to link the ID for an easy reply or re-tweet of the comment. Here's a video tutorial on how you do it in Wordpress. Enjoy!
PHP » Forms — about 10 years ago
Having a site visitor fill out a form is the primary way to gather information. Forms are the main line of communication with anyone that visits your site, so taking the time to make sure users fill them out correctly is key. Using PHP, we are able to ensure that all fields are properly filled out before submission, with required adjustments being called to attention through the use of error messages.
PHP » Forms — about 10 years ago
We’ve touched upon the basic elements of form validation and error messages in part 1 of this series, which outlines a relatively static method identifying errors and validating a form. In this edition we are going to make the elements we began with more dynamic and reduce the amount of script required to do so using arrays.
PHP » Forms — about 10 years ago
Want to generate a date picker for any html input with PHP and little bit of Ajax, learn it today.
PHP » Forms — about 10 years ago
There are different formats in which forms present you with a way to input your phone number. Some have a 3-digit field between parenthesis for the area code, a second 3-digit field and finally a third 4-digit field. Some coders like to record the dashes and the parenthesis, like this: (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890 or simply 456-7890 Let’s say you recorded the phone number using the format that uses parenthesis. You have hundreds, maybe even thousands of records. Now imagine your boss n
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