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PHP Tutorials — Forms

PHP » Forms — 3 months ago
One of the most powerful features of PHP is the way it handles HTML Form. HTML forms are very powerful tool for interacting with users, it allows users to enter data that Will be sent to a server for processing. HTML forms are required when you want to collect data from users, for example during user registration. In this tutorial, I will be discussing working with HTML forms in PHP.
PHP » Forms — 3 months ago
When a form is submitted to a PHP script, the information from that form is automatically made availableto the script. As of the PHP 5.4, there are only two ways to access data from HTML forms: GET and POST. In this post, I will be discussing GET vs POST, comparing and stating when to use them.
PHP » Forms — 5 months ago
A step to step guide on how to customize your newsletter subscription form for wordpress jetpack subscriptions plugin
PHP » Forms — 7 months ago
Find Coupon Codes, Free Shipping, and Deals for your favorite online stores. New coupon codes and deals added daily. Tested and verified coupon codes. This way, you can save even more ...
PHP » Forms — 12 months ago
The PHP $_GET and $_POST variables are used to retrieve information from forms, like user input.
PHP » Forms — 12 months ago
RainCaptcha is simple to use CAPTCHA for forms, it helps prevent spam submissions by creating images on the fly with embedded text.
PHP » Forms — over 1 year ago
Automated spam is wild now-a-days on the internet. Using this very simple method on your own custom made forms will eliminate any automated spam bot and stop spam on your website.
PHP » Forms — almost 2 years ago
Today we will learn how to create a simple form in HTML and how to use this data in PHP. It's a straight forward step-by-step PHP tutorial suitable for PHP beginners.
PHP » Forms — over 2 years ago
In this tutorial you will learn how to build a quick and simple contact form for your website.
PHP » Forms — over 2 years ago
In our software we often use drop-down menus. To make things easier I have coded functions for the most commonly used ones – date drop down, drop down to list database entries, and drop down to be populated from simple non numerated PHP array. All these drop downs are for example used in our autoresponder software. They just generate HTML code which is then output in your HTML forms.
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