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Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop » Photo Effects — about 5 years ago
Tigz Rice takes a look at some easy ways you can use channels to reduce these lines, whilst maintaining a natural to the process.
Photoshop » Text Effects — about 3 years ago
Create a simple, yet amazing, note cards inspired text effect in Photoshop.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — almost 3 years ago
In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this "Unleash the Dark Power" surreal scene in Photoshop. You will have the opportunity to practice objects merging, image adjustments, selection techniques, as well as a number of filter effects.
Photoshop » Designing — over 6 years ago
In today’s tutorial we will demonstrate how to use stock photography, 3d elements, and various techniques to create a cosmic-inspired dreamy scene in Photoshop.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — about 2 years ago
In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a watercolor masterpiece in less than 30 minutes.
Photoshop » Web Layouts — over 3 years ago
This is very Important Photoshop Tutorial, in this Tutorial we are going to design Blog Interface in Photoshop. By following this tutorial you can also design your own Blog. This tutorial will really help those who are new to Photoshop field and they wanted to make Mockups, Interfaces, Templates in Photoshop. We will be designing whole Interface in Photoshop.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 6 years ago
This tutorial will show how we can composite 3D rendered images into a real photograph environment. We will be using the layer masking technique very often and also explore some simple brush settings.
Photoshop » Designing — over 11 years ago
Learn to create the infamous Alienware logo.
Photoshop » Drawing — about 5 years ago
In this tutorial, Mahdi El Hanafi is going to show you how to create a realistic electric guitar using only Photoshop. You will learn a lot of techniques that can help you create complex photorealistic compositions. This tutorial is quite extensive and might take you a few hours to complete.
Photoshop » Designing — about 7 years ago
In this tutorial, we’re going to create a poster for a fictional movie called "Fugitive."
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