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Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop » Text Effects — about 13 years ago
Add a metal 3D effect to your text.
Photoshop » Photo Retouch — over 12 years ago
Learn to remove a watermark from a photograph.
Photoshop » Buttons — about 14 years ago
This is a simple pill button that is made in a zoomed-in view and edited pixel-by-pixel.
Photoshop » Effects — over 14 years ago
Create this alien skin texture.
Photoshop » Drawing — almost 14 years ago
This simple tutorial will teach people new to Photoshop one way of using abstract and grunge brushes to create backgrounds.
Photoshop » Web Layouts — about 12 years ago
Here you'll see the basics of creating a template.
Photoshop » Drawing — almost 13 years ago
Learn how to make Windows XP Folders using paths.
Photoshop » Basics — over 13 years ago
A video clip of the new red eye tool in Photoshop CS2, which supports 16-bit images and lets you set pupil size and darkening level.
Photoshop » Designing — over 12 years ago
This tutorial is meant for people who need inspiration for making business cards.
Photoshop » Text Effects — about 14 years ago
Learn how to make text that looks like melting metal.
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