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Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 11 years ago
Learn how to leave certain colors on your black and white image to put more focus on the image.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — almost 13 years ago
By using just a few basic tool (cutting tool and transform), you can turn your 2D pic into realistic 3D pic.
Photoshop » Text Effects — almost 13 years ago
Instantly give any typeface a vintage, old-world style look by using line gradients. This tutorial shows you how to create those line gradients to fit perfectly with any font or lettering.
Photoshop » Drawing — over 13 years ago
Create amazing comic book style illustrations in Photoshop. From pencil sketch to ink to color to design and layout.
Photoshop » Text Effects — about 12 years ago
Flames are particularly hard to render in Photoshop, but in this tutorial I’ll show you how to use a photograph of fire to set text to the match. We’ll render the look on a nice dark background with a gorgeous text effect to complete the image. This is the second of our five part series on Photoshop Typography.
Photoshop » Designing — over 12 years ago
While grunge has its origins in the 90's, recently the style has been gaining in popularity once more. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a dirty, urban style image using both well known techniques as well as a few new ones. You will learn to easily extract complex shapes and we will also create our own grunge texture.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — almost 14 years ago
In this lesson you will learn how to make your girlfriend/boyfriend a personal wallpaper. Now you must find a picture of your beloved one witch you like the best, or think it's proper for this. It better be in high resolution.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 12 years ago
This tutorial shows you how to make an awesome dreamy and mystical photo effect
Photoshop » Effects — almost 12 years ago
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to mix vector elements and watercolor effects with text to create a stunning design. It's a quick process that depends heavily on good choices of images and colors.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — about 13 years ago
Maybe you love photos which looks like painting, maybe you hate it. Anyway it can be useful to know, how to do it. This tutorial shows quite easy way to fake HDR photos in Photoshop. You don't need to shot into RAW or take photos with different exposure - one JPEG is enough.
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