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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Technique — 3 months ago
Some photographers choose to use their on-camera flash rather than buy light modification attachments. For others, this may sound a bit limiting or maybe even difficult because your camera’s flash is something quite simple, compared to the highly advanced flash attachments, at least.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 19 days ago
You’re packing up after a hard day of shooting. All your camera gear goes neatly back into its respective bags, but the reflector refuses to comply. You twist and turn it trying every possible method but the contraption simply refuses to be tamed and bagged. Eventually you do end up as the winner of this impromptu wrestle, but not before becoming a great source of entertainment for the rest of the crew.
Photography » Basics — over 1 year ago
In 2003, Canon announced the Canon 300D with a burst mode rate of 2.5 fps. In 2006, they managed to double that number with the release of the 30D. Today, we have the Canon 1D X which performs an incredible 14 fps.
Photography » Technique — 4 months ago
In order to avoid blurry images, maintain communication between camera body and lenses, preserve functionality of zoom operation, buttons, dials, and touch screens, and keep your viewfinder view-able, start by getting a basic cleaning kit if you don’t already have one.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 1 month ago
So you know how to read the light and capture a sharp shot. You’re confident in your compositions. You’re not afraid to capture people candidly. You’ve found that this is something that you enjoy doing and you want to continue with it and further your skills.
Photography » Technique — about 1 month ago
In some cases, turning down your saturation may leave you with a nice black and white image. However, the image may fall short, leaving you with muddy tonal definition and lack of detail. Use Lightroom’s HSL Black & White module to define black and white color tones to bring back vibrancy and life to your image.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 25 days ago
With any good photography, you need to decide beforehand what the purpose is of the image that you are about to make. Is the picture intended to show the interior design, the build, the finish, the furniture, or perhaps the floor or ceiling? Perhaps the lighting company hired you to cover its latest project? Try to look with the eyes of your clients and see what they want to communicate with the pictures.
Photography » Basics — 25 days ago
The four intersecting points are considered the “sweet spots.” Placing the subject of focus at any one of those intersecting spots or along the grid lines makes the whole composition appear a whole lot better.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 3 years ago
Black and white photography can be a hard task because your subject is the most important in these photos. With practice you can get the hang of understanding the lighting, the subject and how you want to compose your final image.
Photography » Technique — over 3 years ago
When it comes to product photography, there are more tips and tricks than one person could ever learn in their entire career. In this tutorial, I will show you a few of the ones I have learned along the way, using a minimal amount of gear and materials.
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