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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Technique — 5 months ago
More than anything else, it was the story and social commentary of the image (in addition to its beauty and composition, of course), that made this photo the grand prize winner of this year’s contest.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 1 year ago
Curves are one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop. The number of ways that you can use them is astounding. But, they can also be rather complicated to learn and, for that reason, many people avoid them altogether.
Photography » Basics — over 2 years ago
Bakster, the friendly mythical creature featured in the photoshoot was built using spray foam and faux fur. In real life, Bakster is only 3-feet tall; however, thanks to composite photography, Bakster appears to be much, much larger. In the video we see him towering over a building, an effect made possible by photographing him in studio then layering that image into the alley scene.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 2 years ago
This quote has to be one of the most common that I’ve come across in my photography career. Taking the dive into wedding photography can be daunting, and it comes with a lot of stress. Unhappy brides, hundreds of people, and unforeseen weather conditions can all add up to big problems on the big day.
Photography » Technique — over 3 years ago
Imagine the feelings that must overcome a person when a lioness prowls 15 feet away from them in the wild. Wildlife photographer Mattias Klum does an excellent job describing such a face-off in a short telling he recorded for National Geographic.
Photography » Technique — 4 months ago
The advantage of using a really deep parabolic umbrella in a shoot like this is that it’s, well, deep. That means you can really focus the light on your subject without spilling any of it on to the background. In this case the background had a lot of distracting elements, such as paint shifts, banners, and items that really did not add anything to the images.
Photography » Basics — about 1 year ago
If you’ve ever sat around a campfire as the sun sets, you know that firelight casts beautiful warm tones on a person’s face. As a photographer, you also probably know that it can be difficult to come anywhere close to capturing those colors and details with a camera.
Photography » Technique — over 2 years ago
If you’ve ever scrolled through a page of thumbnails while searching for products, you’ve probably noticed how much more inclined you are to take a second look at the goods displayed in a strong and clear photograph.
Photography » Technique — about 1 month ago
On a dull day, it can be used to simulate sunlight and add contrast to a photograph. In this situation, the flash is the main light source, and its direction should be above and perhaps to one side of the subject, just like sunlight. This entails the use of an off-camera flash. It’s important to remember that even on a dull day, the natural light is directional, and when used correctly, the flash should augment that natural light.
Photography » Basics — over 1 year ago
Chris and Jordan from The Camera Store were nice enough to put together an End of the Year Holiday Special to do just that. So grab a glass of champagne (or wine, G&T, beer, whatever you fancy), pull up a cozy chair by the fire and join Chris and Jordan as they run down the best and worst photo and video products of the year:
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