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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Technique — 10 days ago
The advantage of using a really deep parabolic umbrella in a shoot like this is that it’s, well, deep. That means you can really focus the light on your subject without spilling any of it on to the background. In this case the background had a lot of distracting elements, such as paint shifts, banners, and items that really did not add anything to the images.
Photography » Basics — 1 day ago
The Explorers series was based on early 20th century explorers, thus the images have a vintage feel, complete with era-appropriate props. The images were developed by combining several photographic elements. First, high resolution photographs were taken of the Canadian wilderness. Then, with the use of some fake snow and fans, the talent (decked out in explorer-esque garb) was photographed in-studio.
Photography » Basics — 16 days ago
At only 22-years-old, Nguyen Dinh An easily rolls, kicks, spins, and dances his way around the photo shoot. The seemingly strange behavior is actually part of Nguyen’s special technique to put his subjects at ease. His acrobatic ninja rolls and Michael Jackson moonwalks trigger genuine smiles and laughs.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 25 days ago
Winter photography, especially when snow is involved, comes with some pretty tough challenges. All that white snow with the beautiful blue sky makes a camera go mad trying to figure out the correct exposure. If you’re the type of photographer who prefers to shoot in auto or program mode most of the time, you’ll find it difficult to nail the exposure.
Photography » Basics — 25 days ago
World-renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry has spent many years traveling around and photographing the unique and vibrant people and sights of India. In his travels, he’s learned that the best photos don’t always happen after arriving at the destination, but along the way.
Photography » Basics — about 1 month ago
For those of us dreaming of becoming full-time travel photographers, Elias Locardi’s story is perhaps one of the most practical and inspirational out there. His photography is fast becoming famous the world over, and his iconic style and love for teaching have made him one of the most followed social media photographers to date.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 1 year ago
Capturing exceptional photos requires the ability to spot great photo opportunities – as well as knowledge on how to bring those opportunities to life. If you are looking for some ways to strengthen the impact of your photography, there are a few details that you shouldn’t overlook. Incorporating these details into your photos will help you to create visually strong images – and can help you to make the most of golden photo opportunities, when you have them!
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 25 days ago
Reading books, attending workshops, and browsing the Internet are all good things that can help you take better photos. The following tips will improve the way you create amazing photos and how you see photography.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 3 months ago
Photographers striving to capture the Milky Way crave for a really dark location, absolutely devoid of any light pollution. Light pollution is the worst possible condition, and some photographers are known to go great distances just to be beyond the reach of city lights.
Photography » Technique — 25 days ago
For this set of portraits, Grimes placed a 36″ Rapid Box softbox over the camera and used a reflector to bounce some light back up under the model’s chin. Grimes likes using a light gray background, so he puts his subject close to the background—but not too close. Keep in mind that this exact setup can work for low key portraiture.
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