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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Lighting — 8 months ago
One of the trickiest parts of photographing the different hockey jerseys was ensuring that the lighting remained consistent throughout the shoot. Since each of the jerseys was a different color and design, the task proved to be rather difficult. Here is a lighting diagram of the setup Levin worked out and used for the series:
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 1 month ago
Ever since the first digital cameras became commercially available, the technology has moved along at an alarmingly quick pace. For those of us who work as pros, it’s a given that the minute we buy a DSLR of any shape or size it will become obsolete. But, of course, as pros we must keep up to date with technology and make sure that we are using the right equipment for the job.
Photography » Lighting — about 1 month ago
For many pro photographers, studio lights are an essential part of kit. As a portrait photographer, I can honestly say I’d never be without them. They allow you to control the light to a finite degree and open up endless creative possibilities.
Photography » Lighting — 9 months ago
This is a comprehensive suite of presets for Lightroom users designed to drastically improve workflows for processing and editing landscape photos. While there are other systems of workflow presets available for Lightroom users, Landscape Legend was created specifically with landscape photos in mind.
Photography » Technique — 7 months ago
The amazing In the Womb: Animals project created for the National Geographic by producer Peter Chin. These out-of-the-world looking images of unborn animals were made with a combination of ultrasound, wee cameras and design on computer. Simply breathtaking.
Photography » Technique — 17 days ago
Some photographers choose to use their on-camera flash rather than buy light modification attachments. For others, this may sound a bit limiting or maybe even difficult because your camera’s flash is something quite simple, compared to the highly advanced flash attachments, at least.
Photography » Basics — 10 months ago
It’s that timeless question among photographers: how much photo-editing is too much? Some argue that photographs should only be “tweaked” by post-processing software so as to remain as true to reality as possible, while others maintain that anything goes as long as it looks good.
Photography » Technique — 20 days ago
Using this technique, you can accentuate the natural light; your shots will look much less like your average studio portraits.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 25 days ago
Today, let’s get a bit into portrait photography. Here are two quick tips for you. Though they may seem minor, they can make a HUGE difference in the effectiveness of your portraits. Who knows, maybe you’ll start winning some of those photo contests!
Photography » Lighting — about 1 month ago
There are countless light modifiers on the market designed for specific purposes. Photographer Andrea Belluso, however, goes outside the box and shows us how to be more creative with light-shaping tools.
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