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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Color — about 11 years ago
High dynamic range (HDR) photography is used to capture a broader depth of color and light; many photographers have different editing styles.
Photography » Basics — over 12 years ago
Learn how to capture professional looking black and white photos by focusing more on tone variation, light usage, shadow, shapes and texture.
Photography » Basics — almost 12 years ago
Creating high dynamic range photography from start to finish.
Photography » Technique — about 11 years ago
Give your illustrations the traditional look of an engraving without actually drawing all those pesky little lines! The technique is simple, but requires some experience with the Displace Filter and knowledge of basic shading techniques. The result will have people thinking you spent hours and hours on your design... which you probably will, but at least you don't have to actually engrave anything!
Photography » Basics — about 13 years ago
Find out how to take those photos where lights from cars and streetlamps leave trails.
Photography » Basics — about 14 years ago
Learn the basic and advanced knowledge needed to take professional black and white photos.
Photography » Basics — almost 14 years ago
Tips and tricks on how to shoot lightning.
Photography » Basics — about 13 years ago
One common mistake that people make with taking this shots is to put their camera's lens right up against the glass of the window in the hope that it will help cut down on reflections and in the hope that it will steady their shot....
Photography » Basics — about 12 years ago
Im going to show you how I paint a portrait. While I was painting this, I saved the progress in pictures. Hopefully, you can see and learn how to paint a portrait, landscape, or still life by doing the same thing I do.
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