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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Basics — almost 4 years ago
The fog was a product of a large arctic storm blowing across southern Alberta. Most people avoid the high mountain areas during winter storms, but Gottardo charged in and shot more than 3,300 photographs in a span of over 18 hours to create the timelapse.
Photography » Basics — over 6 years ago
When you’re packing photography equipment for a holiday, it’s hard to decide what to take. You want to take enough to get good photos, but not so much that it weighs you down or takes up too much space in your luggage.
Photography » Basics — almost 5 years ago
In a continuation of the series we reported on a few weeks ago, Thrash Lab brings us a new time lapse video – this time of Washington D.C., with its roads and streets completely empty.
Photography » Basics — about 3 years ago
GoPro cameras are awesome for adventurers (and just about anyone on the go), but the thing about adventures is that things happen. And though it may not be likely that your wonder camera will be eaten by a fox, it’s actually quite easy to drop it while filming underwater, and if that’s in the ocean, well, there goes your camera.
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